The Dangers of a Sedentary Life

Category: Exercise

Seeing this picture of these two adorable children completely passive but thoroughly engaged in media made me very sad. I want to see them running outside, exploring nature, flying kites, […]

My Daily Challenge With Walking

Category: Exercise

My own journey in walking has been a real challenge for me since being diagnosed with PAD (peripheral arterial disease)  ~ also called peripheral vascular disease ~ after dealing with […]

Today is World Oceans Day

Category: Healthy Home

The purpose of World Oceans Day… inform people of the “impact of human actions on the ocean”, “develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean”, and “mobilize and unite […]

Are You An Entrepreneur in Hiding?

Category: Plan "B"

I just read an interesting article regarding individuals leaving the workplace during these Covid19 times to seek a life more fulfilling and with more purpose. Having the time to reflect, […]

A Worthy Cause

Category: Healthy Home

Several years ago I met a wonderful woman, Tera Thomas, who has devoted her life to provide a lifetime home for animals that have been rescued. Her non profit sanctuary […]

Making Our Homes Safe

Category: Healthy Home

It seems like yesterday that I read about little Colette Chuda, age 5, who suddenly became stricken with Wilm’s Tumor, cancer that unfortunately took her life. The parents wanted to […]

It’s Coming……Pollen!

Category: Allergies

Does the picture above of a gorgeous spring blossoming tree make you feel joyous or dread? Your answer, of course, depends upon whether or not you are among the 45 […]