I was recently going through some old paperwork and found a notebook with all of my original newsletters. I was surprised to see that my very first one was published on November 1, 1994… a whole 29 years ago! That was just the beginning of my dedication to providing a connection between all of us in the arena of health, nutrition and general well-being. Even I am surprised at how the years have flown by.

My newsletter has evolved from actually being written and mailed out, to an actual online one. I began to write a blog about health and nutrition many years ago and have continued that as well. (You are reading one of my posts here).

I have always been attracted to nutrition and healthful living. Now as I am in my much later years, living ageless is a priority for me. How to do that? Well, continue to follow my posts as I delve into just that subject! Here is one of my recent posts that zone into that topic. For more check here.

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