25 years ago this March I was offered a glimpse into a business opportunity working from home. At that time I was having some health issues and not sure if I was up to it. Since it also included a wellness program, however, I went for it and was immediately connected to an amazing group of health-minded individuals who helped me learn more about the products as well as prospects of having my own business in my home.

Because of that encouragement and my own persistence, I was not only able to create a side income for my husband and I but also turned my health around. That effort has paid off for us as my husband retired and left us relying on social security. A check comes into our account each month from those efforts and I will always be grateful for that opportunity as well as my good health, due to the great products, shared with me those 25 years ago. So now I want to share it with you.

So how would I describe my business? Basically, I am a guide, an educational marketer, a team builder, leader, and entrepreneur. I have customers and great products and work with a wonderful supplier. I have my own mini-office outlet with customers all over North America who buy from me online.

I help people explore the benefits of earning online using their smartphone, computer, and social media. We live in a world where work no longer has to be done in an office or a set location. And in the new economy, the middle-class income is quickly disappearing as old models of making a living is not as reliable as they used to be. We’ll help you discover a path that can allow you to have more time, better health, more security and more mobility using your smartphone, laptop, and social media with a company filled with integrity and legacy.

Who am I looking for? People interested in creating a great income with flexible hours, free training and great incentives using their phone and computer and the opportunity to earn a lifelong residual income based business that can be passed down to future generations.

Would you be interested in earning a side income guiding people through websites? I am going to be teaching several people this year how to do that by using a laptop and phone with a simple step by step process, and work with a team of highly experienced professionals in the industry already earning exceptional incomes who are willing to share what they know about launching a business online.

I have an excellent e-book for you to check out here called “Discover My Insider Secrets to Starting an On-Line Business.” If you find this interests you, the next step is to go to my mini-office outlet site here and follow the prompts to learn more. I look forward to talking with you!

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