Several years ago I was introduced to environmentally-safe non-toxic cleaners. Having been raised in a family that only used Tide and Ajax and especially chlorine bleach, this was a big step for me. I learned about these products after my children were grown; however, I have been able to pass on my own experience using non-toxic products to not only my grandchildren (and children of course) but many other families as well. I actually shared them through a program called The Welcome Wagon when that existed. I loved going into homes to show moms not only how to save money using concentrates but also helping to save our planet (and the family’s breathing space) as well!

The one product I especially loved was a concentrated organic cleaner developed in 1960. Free of toxic fumes, corrosive chemicals phosphates and nitrates, it literally has 1,001 uses and cleans everything! It handles it all ~ the walls, the floors, the tub, even your fine hand washables. One quart will make a volume equal to approximately 6,900 22-oz. bottles of Windex, or approximately 270 22 oz bottles of Fantastic or 3 28-oz bottles of Mr. Clean ~ all without toxins! Because it is concentrated not only do you save money, you also will throw away fewer containers and reduce landfill use.

Did you know that most dishwashing powders contain chlorine bleach? (Chlorine fumes that are released into the air can cause headaches, fatigue, and difficulty breathing). Also, there are dishwashing detergents which have fruity smells and artificial colors which are not good to soak your hands in 3 times a day. Some artificial dyes are allowed in these products as well as in some foods, even though they are known to cause cancer. The dishwasher powder I use is a Phosphate-free product without chlorine bleach and is concentrated and contains natural enzymes and sodium citrate, all-natural, biodegradable substances that do not harm the environment. Check out my post here about a scary experience I had with my grandson that had a happy ending!

Your food and pesticides ~ Back to my household cleaner, I just use 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of that cleaner with a pint of water and removes dirt, grit, and residue from agricultural sprays as well as the wax that is used to preserve produce (consumers should know that the wax or shellac that is used may contain fungicides and/or pesticides including suspected carcinogens and neurotoxins. Supermarkets often disregard the law which requires them to inform the customer when the produce is waxed at point of sale.

We can all make an impact by becoming a true friend of the earth within our own environment simply by using non-toxic cleaners. Other ways include remembering to recycle, using energy conservatively, carpooling whenever possible (or take public transportation), picking up trash whenever we are walking, jogging, hiking, etc., promoting the development of organic farming, purchasing recycled paper products and last of all writing to our Legislators and request their support on environmental issues.

Interested in the non-toxic products I use? Contact me and I will give you some samples to try for yourself.

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