I still remember the day my husband came home and calmly told me he was retiring. I could not believe it. He could not be serious. We had not planned for this day and I knew we were not prepared at all for him not to have that regular income coming in. But he was serious and knew that it was the time; he just could not continue giving his customers what they were used to getting ~ his memory had begun to fade as well as his energy. He knew it was time.

Needless to say, we relied heavily from then on on our Social Security benefits. I would like to say that we had prepared for this day and had it well in hand. We did not. Fortunately, my side gig as a Shaklee distributor helped to fill the void. Had I not pursued that for all those years, we would have no extra funds at all.

I just read recently that it has been estimated that we will need approximately 80% of our pre-retirement income to cover our cost of living in retirement. In other words, for someone making $100,000 now, that person should expect to have about $80,000 per year (in today’s dollars) after he retires, according to this principle. Do you fit into this category? We certainly did not.

We know that Social Security was never meant to be the sole source of retirement income especially when the retired workers average a monthly social security benefit of $1543 as of January 2021 ~ roughly the equivalent of a minimum-wage job. So much for a life of travel and leisure so many retirees desire. Unfortunately, many fall into this category, as shown in the above illustration published in U.S. News.

Twenty-seven years ago I did not realize that my decision to share health products as well as the opportunity with others would make such a difference. When you find yourself actually facing retirement it certainly does. I recommend to anyone who is concerned about their own future retirement to consider a side gig such as what I did myself.

I would love to share information about how to add to your retirement income as well as building better health. Feel free to contact me and check out my Explore Opportunity site here.

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