Here are some proactive steps to do every day to build wellness and prevention into your lives:

Do you know what the best happy pill in the world is? It’s living social. Studies reveal that people with greater social interactions have lower risk for dementia and depression later on in life than people who are isolated. The reason for this is that shared experiences stimulate brain areas dedicated to memory and learning. Socializing also reduces stress and plaques in the brain, the two major causes of cognitive disorders.

Drink water as though it is your job ~ most of us are not hydrated enough – water flushes waste, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar and helps you lose weight

Preserve your bones – avoid bone robbers such as smoking, excessive alcohol, soft drinks and too much salt. Instead concentrate on fruits and vegetables which have flavanoids which help with bone mineral density.  Get enough vit D (promotes calcium absorption)  through egg yolks, fortified milk and salmon as well as a supplement – 71 and older 800 IU daily, 14-70 600 IU daily.   Make sure you get a minimum of 1,00 mg. of calcium daily for ages 19-50 and a minimum of 1200 for those over 50.


A positive attitude can be as important as eating your kale. How we live our lives both inwardly and outwardly can have a dramatic impact on our health – our minds can do a number on our health – as many as 65,000 thoughts per day too often can be negative – worries about the future, regrets about the past ~ this can affect our whole body health.  Focus on the moments – practice mindfulness and avoid chronic stresses – accept any stress not as a threat but as a challenge, promoting resilience..

Since inflammation is at the root of so many of our chronic diseases, here is a list of non-inflammatory foods to focus on ~

  • All greens
  • Lemon
  • Oranges
  • Berries
  • Mushrooms
  • Onion family
  • Bone broth
  • Green tea
  • Seeds
  • Pineapple

Building wellness rather than treating disease makes sense ~ take supplements daily made from the purest natural ingredients which have gone through stringent measures to keep out pesticides and contaminants to cover those nutritional bases.  Go here for great information on how to choose a great multi-vitamin.

Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 of 10 deaths per year and account for 86% of healthcare costs according to the Center for Disease Control. Don’t be one of these statistics – take control of your health ` give the body the nutrients it needs.  Invest in your health today.

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