We all want to feel younger and live longer. Researchers across the world have spent billions in research dollars to help us do just that.  Much of the research has been to uncover the natural compound at the root of the phenomenon known as   “The French Paradox,”  a phrase coined in the 1990’s in reference to the observation that despite a diet high in saturated fats, the French as a whole display a relatively high degree of cardiovascular health.  Studies at the time indicated that the French displayed 50% fewer deaths from heart attacks than people in the U.S!

After years of studies, scientists now believe that “The French Paradox” may be due to France’s high rate of red wine consumption…..and the Resveratrol contained therein.  Resveratrol is classified as a phytoalexin, which is a natural defensive chemical produced by plants that acts as a toxin to attacking organisms.  It has been referenced in over 2,000 research citations by the National Library of Medicine, including studies conducted by Harvard University, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institute on aging.  Scientists are truly discovering, at a cellular level, the factual basis of healthy aging and longevity.  Sounds good to me!

I became excited about another substance that scientists discovered which went beyond resveratrol by creating a unique and patent pending polyphenol blend that adds to the power of resveratrol. While resveratrol addresses 3 of 4 of the key mechanisms of aging, it is not very effective in addressing the formation of AGE proteins which can compromise cellular integrity and longevity. So these scientists identified and created a proprietary polyphenol blend that has been shown to be 10X more powerful than resveratrol alone at addressing this 4th mechanism of cellular aging.

We all enjoy those “fast food” breakfasts now and then, particularly when we are on the run. But we all know the deadly results this can have on our bodies.  That is why I was excited to read from a newsletter by Dr. Stephen Chaney about a completely independent study conducted by Dr. Paresh Dandona and his colleagues at the State University of New York at Buffalo and published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (H. Ghanim et al, J. Clin. Endocrin. Metab.

In this independent study,  Dr. Chaney states that a group of young, healthy, normal-weight adults were fed a typical fast-food breakfast which included an egg and sausage muffin sandwich and two servings of hash browns, 910 calories and 51 grams of fat (1/3 saturated) , 88 grams of carbs and 34 grams of protein to be exact!   An inflammatory response is normally the result of a high fat meal like this called ROS (reactive oxygen species), which can lead  to insulin resistance and damage to the walls that line the arteries!  This does not sound too promising!

Not only that, but all of this also can interfere with the leptin signaling pathway which basically means that your brain does not realize that you just consumed those 910 calories and you actually will probably eat more!  Dr. Chaney states that normally a gene called Nrf-2 should turn on when ROS are detected which then activates some antioxidants to protect our cells from oxidative damage.  Unfortunately, that delicious fast food meal turns Nrf-2 off which means we do not get that antioxidant protection!

Dr. Chaney goes on to state that in this study the young men were divided into two groups, one group receiving a placebo and the other, this patent-pending polyphenol blend mentioned above ten minutes before the food was eaten.  As expected, the placebo resulted in no changes other than the bad effects discussed above.   However, the polyphenol blend completely reversed the bad effects of this fast-food meal.  No inflammatory response occurred and no free radicals were turned on!  Not only that – Nrf-2 and the antioxidant genes it controls were turned on!

My husband and I make it a point every day to take a teaspoon of this special blend. (It also helps, of course, to stay away from too many of those fast-food meals).  We are so impressed with the science behind this product and so excited about this independent study that shows it actually works!  Stopping the aging process of course is a real asset but this product, which includes resveratrol but is 10x more powerful than resveratrol alone,  has also been found to impact the four key mechanisms of cellular aging which include protecting and repairing cellular DNA, positively impacts genetic regulators, promotes mitochondrial biogenesis and slows AGE protein formation, and supports heart health, brain health, immune health, joint health, antioxidant protection, increased cellular energy, good health, and well-being!  Pretty powerful stuff!  Interested?  Contact me!

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